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Mindfulness is bringing into awareness whatever you are doing right now in this moment and simply experiencing it directly. It is seeing the world with new eyes…calm, in focus, and non-judgmentally.

The key to controlling stress is to become AWARE. To be able to see it clearly and understand the reactions the body is making during an emotionally disturbing event. Mindfulness allows us to do this. Mindfulness practices have been around for thousands of years. By bringing moment-to-moment awareness to our experiences in the body, mind and heart, we can cultivate wisdom, kindness and compassion.

Mindfulness practices are now being applied outside the meditation room to settings in all areas of the community. Scientific researches are confirming that these practices have a profound impact on our health, well being and even the circuitry of the brain itself.


The sessions include both mental and physical techniques, guided relaxation, meditation and yoga, along with cognitive behavioral therapy. This can help you prevent disease and enjoy a better quality lifestyle by learning how to change your perspectives and reactions to life's challenges. For ages 13-99, aimed at removing the physical and emotional impurities that threaten your health and well-being.

An 8 - week program, meeting once per week for two hrs.

The MBSR program will help you: 

  • Boost your Immune System and fight off disease. 
  • Learn to relax deeply and let go of negative distorted thoughts. 
  • Explore, become aware, and manage your feelings. 
  • Incorporate 7 attitudes that can change your life. 
  • Communicate more effectively and boost self-esteem.

Helps to prevent many forms of illness, including chronic pain, heart disease, cancer, depression, anxiety and many others. For those that want to feel joy again!

Deb combines her medical, psychology and counseling degrees to focus on the mind-body connection and it’s relationship to stress related dis-ease. As a 30+ year cancer survivor, she has learned and applied important preventive techniques in her life and is now helping others of all ages who are feeling the effects of stress.


Anusara-Inspired Yoga

A gentle blend of celebrating the heart, universal principles of alignment, and balanced energetic action in the performance of asana. Classes are 75 minutes and include deep relaxation techniques.


What is Anusara (ah-nue-sarr-ah) Yoga®?

Anusara means “following your heart”, or “going with the flow” . It is a Hatha yoga system that combines principles of alignment with an inner wisdom coming from the heart.

Anusara Yoga® is a favorite because its philosophy looks for the good in all people and all things. Students of all levels of ability are welcomed for their uniqueness, limitations and gifts.

Self examination, discovery and receptivity to new ideas are the foundations of this dynamic system. Individual creativity and investigation are always encouraged within the bounds of basic alignment principles.

A typical class begins with a "centering" or meditation. Principles of pranayama or breath work are learned. Next is the actual posture or "asana" practice of stretching and loosening up the body. With this, one incorporates the breath deep into the body where prana or "life-force" can help cleanse and heal the organs, muscles, ligaments, etc. The focus is on internal rather then external "worries". This is why yoga is meditation in motion.

The last 20 - 25 minutes is spent on deep relaxation (savasana) where a gentle "body scan" and other relaxation /visualization techniques are used.

An introductory class for all ages. No experience needed.
This is an opportunity to see if yoga is for you. No membership fees, no contracts to sign. Mats, blankets and props supplied. Just bring yourself and an open mind!

Registration is required, please contact Deb to reserve your spot.


Exploring the Chakra System

An 8- Week program focusing on 7 energy centers or chakras in our body. These energy centers store historical information drawn from our life experience. Each chakra is associated with a particular type of energy, i.e. tribal, relationships, personal, emotional and spiritual power, along with the power of the will, and mind. The better we understand the kinds of information stored in each chakra, the more sensitive we become to the ways energy moves through them, and can take more control over our healing process!



Introduction to Relaxation

Set up by appointment for the person looking for a private class. A combination of gentle stretching, breath-work, guided meditation and deep relaxation techniques. A 60-minute escape from your busy, stressful lifestyle!


Yoga of the Heart

For those desiring a preventatiive approach to heart disease incorporating breathing techniques, gentle stretching and deep relaxation.


Program Pricing

All programs above are available in workspaces/group settings, in the comfort of your own home as a private session, or at the Mindful Paths office.

Private sessions available for any of the above classes.


If applicable, a sliding scale can be discussed for payment.

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